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Every Prismatic Home Photography package comes with standard HDR Photography.

If you are looking for professional real estate photography, then HDR photography is the way to go. It is a relatively new technique in the world of photography. It involves the layering or stacking of multiple photos taken at different exposures, allowing the photographer to expose those details that would have otherwise been either lost in shadow or bright light.

How does HDR apply to professional real estate photography? In short, it allows us to beautifully photograph the inside of your property, which has historically been the most difficult of spaces to photograph, especially if you have a window with a view. We combine this HDR technique with top-of-the-line, professional-grade cameras, lenses, and lighting, along with an artistic and creative eye. The result is beautiful, dynamic, social media scroll-stopping images that will help you get that home listed and sold faster.

HDR Outdoor real estate home photography

Why HDR Real Estate Photography?

High Dynamic Range or HDR is the latest in digital photography technology. It enables us to create images that are closer to what the human eye sees.

HDR Real Estate Photography Editing Services

From retouching and photo editing to completely transforming your photographs, We offer a variety of photography services. We use the latest photoshop software such as Lightroom and various other advanced HDR photography techniques to bring out the best in your real estate photos.

Professional HDR Image Blending Service

Prismatic Home Photography has expertise as a professional HDR image blending service provider in Maryland. Our highly-skilled and qualified team processes hundreds of photos per day for builders and realtors/real estate agents.

We seamlessly merge HDR real estate photographs taken at different shutter speeds, exposure levels, ISO, etc., to develop a final image that is perfect from all angles. It helps your prospective customer to explore your property from every angle.

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