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How I got into real estate photography...

I got my start in photography shooting weddings and portraits. I currently run a studio called Prismatic Wedding Photography. Over my nearly ten years of experience, I’ve taken hundreds of thousands of shots. Possibly more! As a side hustle, I recently ventured into the world of real estate investing by fixing and flipping my first property. It was a terrific opportunity to learn about the fast-paced and sometimes overwhelming world of real estate. Specifically, I learned firsthand how important beautiful photos and videos are in getting a property sold fast, and with as many high bids as possible.

After spending more time talking with other real estate professionals, I discovered the real problem: bad real estate photography costs money. People will spend thousands of dollars on updates and improvements, and staging in the hopes of getting a high bid the first day their property hits the market. Yet, many of those same people set themselves up for disappointment by failing to get beautiful images of all that hard work.

We know the feeling of spending the time and effort to get a property ready for listing, only then to have to sit and wait for the offers to start rolling in. It’s excruciating! Because every day that goes by increases the likelihood that you will need to lower your asking price, and nobody wants that. What’s worse, if this is your career, it could seriously hurt your reputation as an agent.

That is just wrong. Great quality and great service shouldn’t cost a fortune. I started Prismatic Home Photography to help real estate professionals just like you succeed! Don’t get tricked into thinking you have to choose between quality or price. Prismatic Home Photography offers beautiful, vivid, eye-catching images that will help get your property listed and sold faster.

Matt Hyson, owner, Prismatic Home Photography
Matt Hyson, owner, Prismatic Home Photography

A few examples of my wedding work.

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